Scuba Haven Dive Center

Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM Phone/Fax: 813-972-4455 1805 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612 

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Scuba Haven specializes in:
Equipment Sales & Rental
Equipment Repair
NAUI Diving Instruction
Dive Trips & Charters
Air & Nitrox Fills

Diving is adventurous, challenging and healthy. See and experience something new on every dive! There are countless things to capture your interest and imagination. Explore the last great frontier on Earth! You do not have to live near the ocean. Wherever you are, you are within reach of underwater experiences- such as a river, lake, pond or quarry.
Knowledge and skills acquired during training will prepare you to safely enjoy a new and exciting dimension of life. Prepare yourself through formal training to enjoy the unequalled beauty of the underwater world and the infinite variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Let your troubles melt away in the swirling blue-green expanse of the Earth's waters, in an atmosphere of safety provided by your education.

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